Why 45

Why 45

45 minutes. 45 hours. 45 days. 45 years. These are statements of time, many of which become the markers of change. For me, this is what 45 represents. It is the time it takes to work out during a single class. It is the time it takes to fly around the world (in a straight, non-stop path around the equator). It is the time it could take to close on a new house. Or, in my case, the years it took for me to open a dance, fitness, and wellness studio. 45 years. I once thought about embarking on this venture after I trained a multitude of dancers through their formative high school years and on to college teams and professional dance aspirations. At the time, I could explain the mechanics of a switch side leap, and I could also demonstrate one. I doubt this is the case now because at age 45, my body can’t move the same way. It’s understandable. Fifteen years ago, I retired my dance sneakers in exchange for raising a family, and fostering the growth and independence of three children is a whole different kind of exercise. It’s just as vigorous, but there is less focus on proper stretching and no one has got a handle on precisely the right technique. Ever. So, I did what many people do when the paradigm shifts: I gave up my personal dedication to fitness and wellness to focus on the health and well-being of those who needed it more. This year, I’m turning 45. As a result, I have started to think about my past, present, and future. What is it that sparked my joy? What is it that I am truly good at? What can I do to give back to a greater good in the remainder of my lifetime? This is the inception of Le Studio 45.

Truth be told, it’s frightening to invest in oneself. It takes a commitment to valuing what you have to offer, not just in terms of physical ability, but also in the maturity to handle and accept change, failure, and success. Every day, when I wake up and think about the studio, I have to remind myself that this is where I can combine the skills I have cultivated the past four decades. It is a place I can reestablish my love for dance, the joy of coaching others to surpass me in their training goals, and the ability to bring with me years of experience in education. I have to remind myself that starting is just as important as finishing and sometimes, the hardest step is to overcome the mental barriers that prohibit us from investing in time for ourselves. I will always be a mom, and I will always be a teacher. Those parts of my life will continue to evolve even as I take a step towards the recognition that there is more to come in the next 45 minutes. 45 hours. 45 days. Or 45 years. Take time for yourself, and start doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Join us in this journey of time. Whatever your timeframe, set your goals, and start to achieve them.

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  • Danielle Dominguez

    Congratulations Joie! Ian and I are so excited for you. Best of luck!

    • Joie Lê

      Thank you! We can’t wait for you to visit! Colorado welcomes you back!

  • Matt S.

    Joie, I find myself at the same benchmark as you, 45 and reassessing all that has been and is to come. My path to this same precipice we stand next to was vastly different, yet your words are as applicable to me as they are to you. Thanks for the encouragement and wisdom. Good luck with your “next”.

    • Joie Lê

      We reinvent ourselves constantly over time. Oftentimes, however, we push aside the “hopes and dreams” for something more tangible. Somewhere along that continuum, we have to recognize it’s the same: the dream and the tangible. Let us know if you come to Colorado. Stop in. Teach a class. Hang out with our crew. We’d love to see you.

  • Snodsies

    You are Amazing!

    • Joie Lê

      Thanks Snodsie! Hope to see you soon!

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