Research & Blogs

When it comes to starting a new adventure that focuses on health and happiness, there is no short of research and writing on the topic.  As we continue to move forward in building the culture of the studio, we hope that we can share some of our thoughts here.  Some may be personal while others may be more distinctly researched or shared from other sites as thoughtful contributions to the study of dance, fitness, wellness, and community.  Thank you for reading.

Denouncing Gender Stereotypes

Have you seen the movie, “Billy Elliott”?  If you haven’t, please rush out and do so because it’s simply awesome. It is a film about a boy who desires to become a ballet dancer in England during the 1984-85 Miner’s Strike.  It sets up a brief historical account of those events as a parallel to

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Body, Mind, & Spirit Positive

In 1992, I had a breast reduction. At the time, it was deemed a prevention of future back pain and the recognition that bra straps digging into shoulders were both painful and unsightly. I was 19 and in a stage of life when I questioned everything, including the genetics that were handed down to me

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