Seek art from every time and place, in any form, to connect with those who really move you. -Martha Beck

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Welcome to Lê Studio 45, a studio for the creative and performing arts with a focus on community connection. Our mission is to provide training in dance, theater and music, and offer workshops in a variety of areas. We host concerts, community events, support educators and nonprofits, and bring joy to our participants. We challenge you to try new classes that enable you to create and connect with others. We are family owned and operated in Littleton, Colorado.

Before participants can attend an event, class, workshop, or any other designated Lê Studio 45 activity, they must sign BOTH Release of Liability and Covid-19 waivers. Please use the button below to get started. Thanks for your cooperation!

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We have so many exciting new initiatives going on, so please check out each page to see what's happening at the studio! Details for each genre or topic can be found by clicking the photos in the sliders.

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Browse the CLASSES & EVENTS page to book a spot in a dance, fitness, or theater class! Participants should book at least an hour in advance to assist instructors in planning. We look forward to seeing you!

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Browse the CLASSES & EVENTS page to find events and workshops in each genre. Events and workshops are often standalone ticketed events, so registration or purchase occurs directly from the link provided.

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HyFLex Studio Model

As we enter into new territory with Covid-19, we are revamping our studio accessibility with a HyFlex Instructional Model. This model allows for small, in-person class sizes and simultaneous streaming for those classes that apply. We are looking forward to hosting creative arts workshops, concerts, and classes in the studio again. There will be at least 30 minutes between classes to assist with deep cleaning measures. Please be prepared for rule changes (temperature checks, masks, et cetera) as we move forward. More information is forthcoming!


T: 720-909-8045 


10143 W. Chatfield Ave. Unit 1

Littleton, CO 80127


Offering various genres and methods, our dance classes are meant for all ages and abilities. If you're new to dance or want to start up again, join our talented instructors as they share their expertise with our participants. One of our primary studio features is our bamboo sprung dance floor. Come try it out and sign up for a dance class!


As a venue, we bring a beautiful aesthetic to concert performances. We are interested in building out our music program in 2020, so if you have something to contribute, please let us know. Workshop educators and class instructors welcome! Or just enjoy the tunes and attend a concert performance!


Our beautiful space makes an idyllic location to host theater classes. Starting now, we have Teen Improv and speciality workshops. We'd love to expand our theater program, so if you have any suggestions or recommended educators, please let us know! We hope to see you soon!


We love education. In order to bring more opportunities to the studio, we host various workshops in each of the core areas in addition to arts and crafts or trade-based skills. If you have a skill or trade you'd like to offer to the studio, please let us know! Sign up for a workshop today!