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We know all too well that work/life challenges can take their toll on our physical and mental health and wellness. Physical activity, arts and music, and community connection can become restorative and help mitigate daily stress. Our studio was built to provide a space to find balance and overcome those challenges through various fitness and arts opportunities. We welcome you to join us in our studio: a creative place to connect. 

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body. -Arnold Schwarzenegger


Fun Fact: Joie wrote the Dakota Ridge High School fight song.

owner, managing director, educator, instructor

Joie Lê, Phd

At age 45, Joie decided that her dream of building a space for dance and meditation should be realized. She peeked inside the abandoned dry cleaners many times over the four years it sat empty and imagined grand jetés and squeaky sneakers moving across a floor. She learned to dance in a similar space on an unforgiving linoleum floor in New Mexico. Those first fouettés eventually faded into memory, but her love of dance remained even as she moved to Colorado some 20 years later where she became a Poms coach, jump starting a program in a rebuilding year. While learning to coach a mostly-untrained dance team, Joie began to recognize the cornerstone of good teaching: building others up is far more valuable than breaking others down. The team went on to win back-to-back state championships in just four years’ time. She coached for 10 years, working with Broomfield, Horizon, and Dakota Ridge. Many of her students went on to dance for college and professional teams or became professional dancers, fitness trainers, and educators.


As an educator, Joie teaches English Literature & Composition for secondary and higher education and recently accepted a Humanities position for the Watershed School in Boulder. She is a guest speaker on various topics, including research methods, refugee and immigrant experience, and culturally responsive pedagogy. She has a BA and MA in English Literature and a MA and PhD in Education. She is currently an MFA student at Regis University working on her memoir as an adoptee of the Vietnam War. The build and design of the studio was a near-solo effort by Joie, a project spanning over six months till full completion. Please visit the Gallery page to see the studio’s evolution!


owner, music director, community liaison

Scott norby

Scott’s passion for music is only partially eclipsed by his love for his family. As Joie started to build out the studio, he began to understand her vision in creating a multi-use space that could be used for musicians, speakers, and health and wellness classes. As a Type 1 diabetic for 49 years, paying attention to ones health and wellbeing has always been a principal concern for Scott. When he turned 50, he made a dedicated decision to eat and drink more healthy and after watching “Hungry for Change” he started juicing, eliminating sugars and becoming “mostly vegan”, He lost 60 pounds and has maintained his current weight for the past 5 years, becoming a showcased member on the Food Matters website. Nowadays, he is more vegetarian than vegan, still juices, and eats as clean as possible to help maintain his health for the long haul.


Professionally, Scott started a new position with ECFX after his previous position as the Director of ProLaw Software for Thomson Reuters, a company he worked with for 21 years, was recently eliminated. As hard as this change has become, in that momentary shift, Scott found out what he truly loves: music. He loves to help others and allowing musicians to express their artistry through intimate concerts and livestream events offered at the studio is a constant source of joy for him. It also allows Scott to flex his creative as well as managerial expertise. He enjoys building close relationships with others and create partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the studio and to musicians’ lives. He’s always looking for new artists to play, so send an inquiry to Scott with potential interest in being showcased at our studio.

Studio Partners

The following artists partner with our studio to bring you amazing classes, clinics, and experiences. We help promote their work through our studio, and their class pricing may differ slightly from ours. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from them!

Power-barre® & Ballet for athletes


Ingrid Caruso brings an impressive 55 years of industry experience to her work. She has been active in both the Dance and Music world as a performer, Teacher and consultant. Though Ingrid spent more than 30 years as a Professional Singer/Dancer, it was early in her young career that she was recognized for having a natural ability to understand and teach dance technique. Ingrid was only 11 when hired to record and demonstrate some of the very first dance training aids created for teachers all over the world.


As a professional, Ingrid worked with an amazing A- list of talent including Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Bella Lewitsky, Twyla Tharp, Alexander Godunov, Gap Band, Cher, Marvin Gaye, et cetera. Ingrid has been honored by NARAS with a Grammy “recognition Award” for her work in the industry, was elected for a Grammy nomination, hit Billboards Top 10 charts, won 10 international awards for children’s Sing & Dance a-longs and Creative Children’s award and recognition, and wrote and produced the very first HDTV music video for Comcast. She currently spends most of her time training and advising professional and student dancers using her nationally-recognized Power-Barre® method.

contemporary & Adult Ballet

carissa chen

Carissa has been dancing she was three years old. She started formal ballet training at Boulder Ballet in Colorado and Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive in New York City. Since then, she’s fallen in love with contemporary dance and its expressive style. Carissa was an original member of Rogue Co Contemporary Dance Company in Boulder and performed with them for three seasons. She’s been teaching ballet, jazz, and contemporary for the past 10 years and has received numerous choreography awards from regional competitions. Carissa is a firm believer that dance can be a physical and emotional outlet for students of all ages.

Currently, Carissa is the Marketing Operations Lead for Teachers Pay Teachers. She holds a B.A. in Journalism for the University of Colorado and has utilized her creative talent in marketing and communications for the past six years, including work in Managua, Nicaragua. Her biggest heart project is her development of a foundation created for her sister, Alana Chen. To learn more about this nonprofit and their amazing work with LGTBQi individuals at risk, please visit the Alana Faith Chen Foundation website. 

Reb3l groove

Emily Gardner

Emily started dancing as a child beginning with tap and moving to cheerleading and poms. She graduated from Columbine High School and got to compete on the national level twice. While in college, Emily coached the varsity cheerleading squads at Alameda High School in Lakewood. As an adult, Emily fell in love with dance cardio classes as a way to continue her love of dance, but also as an excellent way to stay in shape both physically and mentally. Emily got certified to teach Palango! Fitness in 2012 and worked as a dance cardio instructor at a local studio, Bally’s Total Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness until August 2019. Emily found Reb3l Groove in 2019 and instantly fell in love with the format and community. She has been a certified Groove instructor since 2020 and enjoys building a community through movement.

Outside of the studio, Emily has a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and owns an insurance agency. She is also an influencer on the fashion app, LIKEtoKNOW.it.

a creative place to connect.


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