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Our principal focus is on community engagement. We strive to develop classes, workshops, and educational opportunities meant to bring people together so they can share ideas, focus on wellness partnerships, or just have a chat. We welcome you to participate in any of our community groups or perhaps you have another idea you would like to see at the studio. Just let us know!

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. —Coretta Scott King

Matt Spurlin, PhD
Matt Spurlin, PhDBoulder Valley HS Teacher | UNC Adjunct Professor
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I met Joie in the doctoral program at the University of Denver.  She is perhaps the most talented person I’ve ever known.  She is a gifted writer, talented dancer, exceptional teacher, compassionate mother, skillful general contractor—a true renaissance woman. She is an artist in all that she does. But, her greatest gift is also her passion: creating learning experiences in which people discover who they truly are.  Learning from Joie is life-changing.
Andrea Nesteby
Andrea NestebyOpen Pathways Coordinator | Canon City High School
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Joie naturally thinks, designs and instructs content for teaching students who learn differently. It is second nature to Joie to constantly assess where her students are as they build skills and process concepts. She is agile and able to seamlessly shift or amend as needed for effectiveness. In addition, her creativity is boundless and infused in everything she touches. The skills I watch her expertly employ, and have always admired, are an essential part of her. Joie is a rare talent and a valuable instructor. I recommend you take the opportunity to learn from her.
Alexander Trosper
Alexander TrosperBattle Mountain HS Choral DIrector | PhD Candidate
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I can confidently express that Joie was by far one of my most influential coaches, teachers and mentors I have had in my life. She taught me a great deal about perseverance, how to push myself, how to be a teammate that helps build the people around you, how to strive for my personal best, but most importantly, she taught me to never give up. Joie supports the arts, education and community. I highly recommend working with her. She is a huge reason why I am the strong woman I am today.  
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reading GROUP: moving the needle

Reading groups are all the rage. Want to join one? This one, however, has a bit of a critical conscious twist. This reading group is dedicated to thinking about social justice, equity, power, privilege, and other culturally relevant topics de jour. We’ll assign chapters and meet once every week or two to discuss our great takeaways whether thematic, linguistic or poetic. Sessions will be available via Zoom as well as in person.

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Times TBD

Yarn it

Join us for crochet, knit, embroidery or other needle art that allows for focus on the craft. In other words, come hang out and chat while working on any needle project you’d like.


If you’d like to learn crochet, we can teach you! Come in anytime and get started! (Intro materials provided.)

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If you are interested in working on your craft in progress, join us for the fiction/nonfiction writing group. Ask questions, get writing with meaningful prompts, or get feedback from fellow writers. It does not matter where you’re at with your writing, it only matters that you keep writing. Make it a point to join a writing group to focus on your craft and keep moving. Sessions will be available via Zoom as well as in person.

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Times tBD


For the love of research. Academic writing takes on a whole new vibe these days. Whether vacillating over research questions, puzzling out a methods section, or needing help with clarity, join this writing group to get through the painful and often mind-numbing process of academic writing. Join this group to talk academia in all its glorious forms. (For specific feedback or edits on your academic work, please contact Joie directly.) 

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