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Dance and fitness classes are meant for every ability. Whether you are just starting out, trying something new, or returning to your passion, movement classes energize and inspire. Join us for a class and let your soul fly free. Scroll for class descriptions!

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once. —Friedrich Nietzsche

Heather Balogh
Heather BaloghRapids Dancer | Outdoor Adventure Expert
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As a person, Joie is creative, determined, dedicated, and talented, but as a coach, she instills all of those traits within you. Her work ethic is admirable and she leads by example; she doesn't expect you to do anything that she won't do herself. My dancing years are (long) behind me but I've carried Joie's lessons into adulthood, both in my career as a writer and with my outdoor pursuits in the mountains. I hope our daughter finds a role model in life that resonates as strongly as Joie did in mine.
Ashley Mouw
Ashley MouwColorado Crush | Professional Dancer
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As a Poms coach and dance instructor, I find myself using the same methods and coaching techniques Joie instilled in me. I can't thank her enough for encouraging me and motivating me to become the best dancer I could possibly be. Without her, I wouldn't have made it as a professional dancer for 12 years. Thank you, Joie, for being a role model, a terrific mentor and coach, and for sharing your love for the arts.
Sandi Jones
Sandi JonesColorado Crush
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Joie has the unique ability to draw forth the soul in each dancer. She is patient and encouraging while always pushing you to be your best self. Over the years, I have trained with many instructors since having worked with Joie. She is by far still the best instructor I have ever worked with!

Demo Monday & Wednesday: 8:30 AM
Tuesday: 6:45 PM
Saturday: 10 AM


Designed for all fitness levels, POUND® provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out! The workout is easily modifiable and the alternative vibe and welcoming philosophy appeals to men and women of all ages and abilities. POUND® hooks gym-goers, exercise novices and conditioned athletes alike by condensing all the best hand-picked cardio, strength training, Pilates and HIIT techniques into a streamlined sequence intensified by the intermittent conditioning and stability elements of drumming. Ages: 13+

Attractive teenager standing on dance pose. Modern choreography, contemporary dance.

Wednesday: 4:30 PM


With influences from jazz, ballet, and modern techniques, this contemporary class is where movers can explore organic movement and storytelling, with attention to technique, alignment, control, dynamics, musicality, as well as body/spatial/sensory awareness. 


Sunday: 3:15 PM (session-based)


A strength & conditioning method that focuses on the specific muscles for the sport of dance as well as core & flexibility. All designed specifically for the athletic & competitive dancer. Training proper technique promotes injury prevention and beautiful skill execution. Classic PB is enhanced with PB signature resistance bands designed specifically for Power-Barre which can be purchased in our SHOP.
Pilates and ballet fitness stretching and yoga studio gym bar equipment and dancer stretching.

WEdnesday: 5:45 PM

ADult Ballet

Join us for our no-stress ballet class offering modifications to tailor to your level, whether you’ve been training in ballet for a while or if you’re returning to ballet after a break, dancers will gain flexibility, strength and balance, while learning ballet technique. Age: 16+ or per recommendation
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demos Tuesday & Thursday: 8: 30 AM

Tuesday: 7:45 PM
Saturday: 11:15 AM

science of stretching®

This targeted mobility training Science of Stretching® is a mat-based, targeted mobility training method that helps with stiff backs, locked-up hips, and tight hamstrings. As a supplemental class to regular, dynamic exercise, Science of Stretching® helps increase flexibility through a series of sustained stretches utilizing the science of passive stretching to effectively change your body, improve posture, and increase range of motion. Class is designed for all levels.


saturday 9:00 Am


Designed to strengthen through core stability training, toning through light weights and exercise bands, and cardio sets (similar to interval training), the SurfSet is a unique exercise class meant to turn up your workout with fun and fitness. Class is designed for all levels. Recommended ages: 10+

Indo Boards

thursday: 5:30 PM

Indo Board

Take your balance and mobility skills to the next level with an Indo Board class. An Indo Board is a balance board that was created by surfers. It is a fun and challenging method of building core strength while understanding the physics of fulcrums and weight distribution. This class is designed to help build a strong core with additional “challenge” skills introduced each class. Ages: 6+

Hip Hop dance-23

thursday: 6:30 PM


Learn sequencing and short choreography forms in hip hop class. Using choreography and music from CLI Studios, this class is a fun way to get moving and started in dance for exercise or formal training. Ages: 10+


Tuesday: 5:30 PM

Reb3l Groove®

Fuses hard hitting choreography with HIIT mechanics and
powerful music, resulting in a high intensity, badass, boot camp style dance fitness format.

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