I met Joie when she began coaching my High School Poms Team. At the time, our team didn’t have a stable coach nor training. Luckily, when Joie became our Coach, she molded our team into a force to be reckoned with. She was able to create a strong, confident, cohesive team; she changed my life. I look up to her, not only because of her talent, but because of her strength and confidence. Flash forward to 16 years later, I am now a Poms Coach at a local High School. I find myself using the same methods and coaching techniques Joie instilled in me. I can’t thank her enough for encouraging me and motivating me to become the best dancer I could possibly be. Without her, I wouldn’t have made it as a professional dancer for 12 years. Thank you, Joie, for being a role model, a terrific mentor and coach, and for sharing your love for the arts.

Ashley Mouw

Poms Coach

Colorado Crush / Professional Dancer

Ashley was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She started her dance career at age 14, joining her High School Pom Team and then turned professional at 18 with the Colorado Crush. She was a professional dancer in Los Angeles for 6 years where she was represented by Go 2 Talent Agency and worked with Todrick Hall, Tori Kelly, Manny Pacquio, and is an award-winning choreographer in LA and in Colorado. Since Ashley has retired as a professional dancer, she has now focused solely on Choreography and Teaching, making her primary goal to educate her students in the art and technique of dance.

My experience with Joie was when I was on the Horizon High School dance team (2001-2005). I can confidently express that she was by far one of my most influential coaches, teachers and mentors I have had in my life. I am grateful I had a person like Joie to look up to as a young woman. She taught me a great deal about perseverance, how to push myself, how to be a teammate that helps build the people around you, how to strive for my personal best, but most importantly, she taught me to never give up. Joie supports the arts, education and community. I highly recommend working with her. Children need influential people to look up to. Joie, in my opinion, is one of the best people I have ever worked with. She is a huge reason why I am the strong woman I am today.  

Alexandra Trosper

Choral Director

Battle Mountain High School

Alexandra is an educator and performer who has performance experience with the International Performing Art Institute Germany, Arias for Kenya Hospital, Opera Fort Collins Young Artist, East China Normal in Shanghi, MOVE Fort Collins, Boulder Institute, Avon Nottingham Park Mozart Series, Vail Valley Theater Company, Black Diamond Ball Vail, AriasConcert Glenwood Springs and Opera Up North Vocal Institute Michigan. She has played the role of Christine in “Phantom of the Opera”, Mother Abbess in “Sound of Music”, Johanna in “Sweeney Todd” and many others. She is currently the Battle Mountain High School Choral Director, Musical Director and Theater Director and Music Coordinator for Eagle Valley Schools. 

When I first started training with Joie, the only thing I had going for me in the area of dance was that I had a little rhythm. I had never done any choreography and had zero technical training. In the matter of a few months, Joie took me from being an awkward, flailing mess-of-a-dancer to a technically trained, sharp dancer with funk. Joie has the unique ability to draw forth the soul in each dancer. She is patient and encouraging while always pushing you to be your best self. Over the years, I have trained with many instructors since having worked with Joie. She is by far still the best instructor I have ever worked with!

Sandi Jones

Colorado Crush

Sandi didn’t grow up taking dance lessons like many young girls, but she always had a passion for moving to music. At the age of 13, she auditioned for her high school dance squad, having never learned or performed choreography prior to that day. Luckily, Joie was the coach for the team and she saw some raw potential in Sandi. Through Joie’s training, Sandi went on to learn and perfect the fundamentals of dance, helping earn her team two state championships her junior and senior year. Sandi then took the skills she learned to the University of Miami where she became a member of the Sunsations dance team. When Sandi left Miami, she returned to Colorado and became a member of the Colorado Crush Dance Team. Sandi currently works as an outside sales rep, but she still enjoys dancing for fun and for exercise and is now a mother to a beautiful baby girl.

It’s been over 21 years since I first met Joie as the coach of my high school dance team, but I remember that moment well. Joie made an impression on me, as I’m sure she does with everyone she coaches. As a person, she is creative, determined, dedicated, and talented, but as a coach, she instills all of those traits within you. Her work ethic is admirable and she leads by example; she doesn’t expect you to do anything that she won’t do herself. My dancing years are (long) behind me but I’ve carried Joie’s lessons into adulthood, both in my career as a writer and with my outdoor pursuits in the mountains. I can only hope our baby girl finds a role model in her life that resonates as strongly as Joie did in mine.

Heather Balogh

Freelance Writer /Author

Outdoor Adventure Expert

Heather Balogh Rochfort is a freelance writer and author with a focus on outdoor adventure, travel, and fitness. Her work has been published in Backpacker, Outside, The Red Bulletin, Ski, Huffington Post, and more. Her second book, Women Who Hike, releases in June 2019. She is also a regular on-air contributor to The Weather Channel as their hiking expert. Heather holds a B.S. in Journalism and an M.Ed in Special Education with a concentration on Outdoor Education for At-Risk Populations. 

As a highly qualified English teacher and special education teacher, I am often assigned alongside a general education teacher for co-taught Language Arts classes. The intent is that between both teachers the needs of an integrated class can be well met; with me serving as the interventionist and the general education teacher serving as the content expert. I had the privilege of co-teaching classes with Joie. Joie is such a gifted instructor that any visitor to our room would never have known who the interventionist was. It could have easily been Joie because the way she naturally thinks, designs and instruct content is perfect for teaching students who learn differently. Joie almost instantly is able to build strong, trusting professional relationships with each of her students and she develops relevant, engaging lessons based on their interests. It is second nature to Joie to constantly assess where her students are as they build skills and process concepts. She is agile and able to seamlessly shift or amend as needed for effectiveness. In addition, her creativity is boundless and infused in everything she touches. While Joie’s career has evolved past high school public education, the skills I watched her expertly employ, and have always admired, are still an essential part of her. Joie is a rare talent and a valuable instructor. I recommend you take the opportunity to learn from her.

Andrea Nesteby

Coordinator, Tiger Open Pathway / English Teacher Cañon City High School

Ande is a proud Coloradan who recently moved back to beautiful, Fremont County, Colorado after spending many years in the Denver Metro area. Ande holds an undergraduate degree in Behavior Science and a Masters of Education degree. Ande has over 20 years experience working with children and young adults. She is passionate about inspiring students to think deeply, critically, empathetically and globally. In her free time, Ande loves to travel, hike, work on restoring her old house, read and practice yoga.

I met Joie in the doctoral program at the University of Denver.  She is perhaps the most talented person I’ve ever known.  She is a gifted writer, talented dancer, exceptional teacher, compassionate mother, skillful general contractor—a true renaissance woman. She is an artist in all that she does. But, her greatest gift is also her passion: creating learning experiences in which people discover who they truly are.  Learning from Joie is life-changing.

Matt Spurlin

English Teacher / Adjunct Professor

Boulder Valley High School / UNC

Matt Spurlin is a dedicated single father of two girls, ages 3 and 4.  He has been coaching for 25 years and teaching for 15 years.  He currently teaches Language Arts at Boulder High School and Educational Philosophy at the University of Northern Colorado. He has multiple publications in the field of contemplative education and currently serves on the Executive Council of The American Association for Teaching and Curriculum, a national educational organization. 


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