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Give us a call for Family Discounts, Scholarships, and pricing on our After School Enrichment Program.

Walk-ins are $15 per class. Registration is still required.




1 class per week.

$5 discount for autopay.

(Cancel anytime)




2 classes per week.

$5 discount for autopay.

(Cancel anytime)




3 classes per week. 

$5 discount for autopay.

(Cancel anytime)




Unlimited classes per month. 

$5 discount for autopay.

(Cancel anytime)

Questions & Answers

Are there contracts?

Nope. We want you to have the flexibility to adjust to your lifestyle and budget. If you want to give us a spin for a month, please do! The Autopay discount is only available for recurring monthly payments, however. 

What is the Autopay Discount? 

If you want to save a little per month ($5), you can sign up for Auto Payments via Mindbody and your payment will be deducted every month at the reduced amount. You can cancel anytime; just give us a heads up! 

Do I pay for just one type of class?

Your tuition is good for any of the Dance, Fitness, or Wellness classes you would like to attend. This means that you can try out different classes each week or month! Exclusions include workshops, special events, or After School Enrichment classes. 

Are there family plans?

We offer discounts per added family member. This way, each person has their own login and can decide what classes they want to participate in and book a class themselves (or with assistance). This helps with improving our class offerings through analytics.

Are there other discounts available?

Yes! If you elect for Autopay, you become a member which gives you discounts on shopping, workshops, or special events!

Are there scholarships available?

We do want to provide opportunities for everyone. We have a limited number of spots held for those who would like to apply for a scholarship. Please call or email us for more details.

Do you pay for Open Studio?

Our Open Studio hours are free of charge. The founders and instructors, like you, are family-oriented and time is often limited. Sometimes, you do not have time for a set class but would like to get an extra 20 minutes in on the Rebounder or maybe you want additional dance or Indo Board practice. There is no one leading the Open Studio hours, but we will have supervision. 

Can I just take a single class? 

Yes, you can certainly take a single class for the $15 per class rate. This allows you to pay as you go if you’re just trying it out or if you think your schedule may be undetermined. We may also develop a class bundle option, but we haven’t quite set that up yet in the system. If you do want to pay for a single class, you’ll still need to register on Mindbody to check in and/or reserve your spot.


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