Lê Studio 45 Facility Rental

Thank you for choosing Lê Studio 45 for your facility and event rental. We are so excited to partner with you and hope we can help make your time at the studio enjoyable and your event successful. To get started, please read and sign the facility rental agreement which will be provided in a separate email. Once we have received your facility rental agreement, we will send an email to you with an invoice. Cash, check, or charge are all options for you to pay for the event. If you will be using the space in a physical fitness capacity, please make sure all participants sign a waiver (an event-specific link will be provided in a separate email). Only those participants with a waiver on file with the studio will be able to participant in a fitness-related event. If you will need to have access to the studio sound system, please download the Sonos Music App for your mobile device. Instructions on how to use the Sonos speaker system will be provided upon check in. Thank you again for choosing our studio for your upcoming event!


T: 720-909-8045

E: contact@lestudio45.com


10143 W. Chatfield Ave. Unit 1

Littleton, CO 80127